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Re: netscape

*- Rick Knebel wrote about "netscape"
| Hi,
| Well i am getting a little frustrated now.
| I have tried downloading both netscape 4.05 and 4.06 and each time I installed 
| it still crashes on pages with java applets on it.
| I used the netscape script to install it via dselect.
| I would be happy to here any selections.

This is just a shot in the dark.  I remember at one point Netscape was
crashing because of a problem with the libnullplugin.so file in the
/usr/lib/netscape/plugins directory.  Try moving that file out of the
plugins directory and restarting netscape.  I am running 4.06 without
any problems and the libnullplugin.so is in the plugins directory and
don't have any problems, hmmmm.

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