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dosemu hdd mounting

I'm trying to get access to a mounted vfat partition in dosemu, but get this
weird error:

C:\> lredir E: LINUX\FS\MNT/E
Error 3e redirecting drive E: to LINUX\FS\MNT/E

/mnt/E is /dev/hda6, already mounted in Linux. I tried `lredir E:
linux\fs\dos', `lredir E: linux\fs/mnt/E' and so on, with no luck. I am
using dosemu 0.66.7-13, and this time it was running as root. Do I need to
change something in
/etc/dosemu/conf? Is there another (safe) method to mount partitions in

Oskar Liljeblad (osk@hem.passagen.se)
(I'm hoping to be able to run a DOS/4GW game, and with Gimp & Script-Fu
automaticly grab screenshots and extract certain pieces of the DOS screen,
to finally save each part as a gif image. These gif images will later be
used on a homepage.)

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