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Re: Xisp and mutiple ISPs

There is a neat utility called pppconfig, which allows for multiple ISP

Just use: pon <provider name>  to start it.


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From: Gary L. Hennigan <glhenni@cs.sandia.gov>
To: debian-user@lists.debian.org <debian-user@lists.debian.org>
Date: Friday, August 28, 1998 6:33 PM
Subject: Xisp and mutiple ISPs

>I've had this headache for a long time, using Linux with multiple
>ISPs. Generally I've resorted to writing my own scripts to accomplish
>different setups for different ISPs but I'm getting tired of the pain
>involved in modifying the script when I want to add/remove an ISP, so
>I thought I'd take a look at Xisp. First, I think it's been reported
>here, but the one in hamm is broken. It doesn't seem to recognize the
>fact that I have libforms0.88 installed. Anyway, the one in slink
>seems to have installed itself fine on my hamm system.
>So, I got things running with Xisp, but one question, how do people
>generally provide for various configuration files when they have
>multiple ISPs?  For example, from past experience, for each ISP I know
>I need different versions of each of the following
>I see that Xisp provides a mechanism for at least /etc/resolv.conf,
>via the ip-up utility. I haven't actually gotten it to work yet, but
>I'm still exploring. Are there hooks in here you can add to modify
>other files?
>The other problem I have is that at work we have an OLD terminal
>server, and it's PPP isn't functional, so, I have to use DIP/SLIP to
>connect to it. I don't suppose there's any provisions for a SLIP
>"ISP" in Xisp? It, of course, requires it's own configuration files.
>Perhaps I just need to take some aspirin and live with the headache,
>but if anyone has any suggestions I'm MORE than willing to listen.
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