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Smail in hamm checking DNS lookups?

I recently upgraded several of my Bo systems to Hamm.  All went fine.  I
am currently struggling with some of the minor changes that the new
packages have.

My home system is setup on a dummy network (192.168.xxx.xxx), and I do
typically email myself at my work Debian box which is on the net with a
legit IP address.  Now (after the hamm upgrade, I assume) I cannot send
mail, and port 25 will not open if I telnet in from home.

I never have a problem receiving mail from legit domains.

So I assume Smail does this, and I would like to know how I can setup my
home system to send mail to not just my work box, but other legit domains
without a problem.  I could even configure my work box so that it acted as
the smarthost or relay or something along those lines.

--Jay Barbee

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