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help w/ ethernet (with a dash of ppp)

Hi, I have two machines I would like to network.  One of them uses ppp
to connect to the internet.  The other should be able to see the
internet thru this first machine.  Below is a network layout:

machine 2                machine 1             ==> ppp ==> Internet
(tulip 100mps card)      (linksys 100mps card)
	\               /
	 \             / 
	  \           /
            100mps hub

I intend to use 192.168.0.{1,2} for the IP addresses.  When logged into
the internet I have a static IP on machine one.  The PPP using machine
has a 2.1.x kernel, the other has a 2.0.x kernel.  Both machines detect
their cards fine.  I have ifconfig'ed both as:

ifconfig eth0 192.168.0.{1,2} netmask

I can then ping the machines IP.  However I can not ping either machine
from the other.  My ppp link is intermittent (it is at home sharing a
line w/ the rest of the house).
Thanks for any and all support.
Linux, because I'd like to *get there* today

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