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Solved: win98/hamm dual boot problem

Thanks to all that offered suggestions on this one.  For future use, I'm
posting below the solution that worked (quite nicely) for me, since it
wasn't posted previously.
Michael Stenner wrote (Wed, 19 Aug 1998 09:39:43 -0400 (EDT) ):
|>Following instructions I found on this list some time ago, I installed
|>hamm and win98 separately: each have their own drive - only one was
|>hooked up at a time.  Than, I put both drives in:  Linux as hda and win
|>as hdb.  THis was nothing new for linux, so I started up linux and ran
|>lilo with the following lilo.conf:
|>  root=/dev/hda1
|>  label=linux
|>  read-only
|>  label=win
|>  table=/dev/hdb
|>linux boots well via lilo now, but windows doesn't boot at all:  after
|>typing "win" at LILO:, it just hangs.  Any ideas at all would be very
|>much appreciated.
---------------- Response from Alan Su:
windows is generally unhappy about booting from a slave drive, if i'm
correct.  i would try to switch it around with the following steps:

- change the master/slave settings on both drives
- boot from the linux rescue disk and at the boot prompt, type
  'rescue root=/dev/hdb1'
- change lilo.conf to:
  boot=/dev/hda        <--- change to /dev/hda
    root=/dev/hdb1     <--- change to /dev/hdb1
  other=/dev/hda1      <--- change to /dev/hda1
    table=/dev/hda     <--- change to /dev/hda
  (lilo will install itself onto the master boot record of the windows
  drive.  the rest of the drive references have been swapped.)
- run lilo, and make sure there are no errors.
- reboot!

the reasoning behind installing lilo on the mbr rather than the boot
partition is that i *believe* that windows needs that boot partition
for something.  i'm not entirely sure, but i know that a configuration
like the one above works.

hope that helps...(at least a little).

Just a couple more notes:
  The installation CD works as a rescue floppy (I forgot that)
  Remember to change /etc/fstab.  Linux is happy to move (ulike windows)
	as long as you *tell* it.  :)  

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  Duke University, Dept. of Physics	  mstenner@phy.duke.edu
  Box 90305, Durham N.C. 27708-0305

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