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RE: X-Triumph! What now?

Ah, thanks.

I wonder if there's a general answer to the next question this poses -
how do I
know which components I need? dselect is very good at saying 'Ah, you
this, now you need that!', but that means (at the moment) that I have to
down Linux, restart the system, boot '95, log on to ISP, blah-de-blah.
All very
time consuming.

The ftp.wherever/this/that/X11 directory lists
fvwm2_2.0.46-BETA-3.deb, and three others with fvwm in the title. There
similar numbers of wmaker*.* files.

How? Which?

Thanks (again)

John Midgley

(Will Lowe said:)
>You need a window manager.  Try fvwm or WindowMaker.
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