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Re: Official Debian 2.0 from LSL?

On Fri, 7 Aug 1998, Johann Spies wrote:

> I have ordered the Official Debian 2.0 from LSL after Debian 2.0 became
> official.  At the same time I ordered the Non-Free and Contrib CD's.
> I received the parcel in South Africa without the official Debian 2.0.  It
> was invoiced, however and I had to pay customs and tax according to the
> invoice.
> Enquiries at LSL did not produce any response.  

Thanks for everyone who replied.  I was worried that the CD's were stolen
somewhere on the way. I have in the mean time received the following
response from LSL:

>From info@lsl.com Sun Aug  9 16:11:04 1998

The other 2 Debian disks are to follow. (Pathetically) FedEx managed to
loose the CD's from the manufacturing plant and they had to be re-made.
Sorry! They will follow...

Thank you for choosing LSL,

Warm regards,

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