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True Type fonts??

Has anyone got true type fonts to work in X?

I have tried the following to no avail:

installed a couple of ttfonts in /usr/share/fonts/truetype (monotype.ttf, 

then run the following commands:

xfstt --sync --dir /usr/share/fonts/truetype (this adds ttinfo.dir and 

added /usr/share/fonts/truetype to font path in XF86Config

startx > errlog.txt 2>&1

looked in errlog.txt, found:

Warning: 'fonts.dir' not found (or not valid) in "/usr/share/fonts/truetype".
          Entry deleted from font path.
          (Run 'mkfontdir' on "/usr/share/fonts/truetype")

OK, no problem me thinks, exit X and run 'mkfontdir /usr/share/fonts/truetype'
(as root, of course)

but it doesn't do anything.

Start X again, read xfstt man page again, it says:

Xfstt  serves  *ttf  fonts to one X11 server.  Start xfstt
       then  tell  X11  about  the  font  server  with  xset  fp+
       unix:/7100  or  (assuming  the  X11  server  runs  on host xset fp+ inet/

try both, gives me following error:

xset:  bad font path element (#37), possible causes are:
    Directory does not exist or has wrong permissions
    Directory missing fonts.dir
    Incorrect font server address or syntax

hmm, read 'man mkfontdir':

The  kinds  of font files read by mkfontdir depend on con­
       figuration parameters, but typically include  PCF  (suffix
       ".pcf"),  SNF (suffix ".snf") and BDF (suffix ".bdf").  If
       a font exists in multiple formats,  mkfontdir  will  first
       choose PCF, then SNF and finally BDF.

How do I pass parameters to mkfontdir? the man page doesn't tell. So, it seems 
to boil down to how to make mkfontdir capable of recognizing true type fonts...

ideas? solutions? 
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