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Re: AlphaServer AS800 5/400

>I would lke to know if I can install the Debian Linux distribution on an
>AlphaServer AS800 5/400
>(the processor isa DECChip 21164A-2).

Yes, you can. There is a port to the alpha (it's not part of Hamm/2.0, but
we hope to have it ready for Slink/2.1) availabe in dists/unstable.
The AS800 should be supported, though there is no Debian kernel for it I
think, so you'd need to get your kernel and MILO own from
ftp://gatekeeper.dec.com/pub/DEC/Linux-Alpha/. There is also a list of
systems <-> nicknames so you can figure out what kernel get (your machine
is a Noritake and since it's a 5/xxx you need teh noritake-s-5 kernel).

If you need more help, talk to debian-alpha@lists.debian.org


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