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Re: Problem with fetchmail

[Posted and mailed]

In article <Pine.LNX.3.96.980806054817.298A-100000@bunny.powersurfr.com>,
	ewilson@bunny.powersurfr.com (Ehren Wilson) writes:
> --- Begin Screen Copy ---
> bash-2.01$ fetchmail -u ehren mail.powersurfr.com
> Enter password for ehren@mail.powersurfr.com: 
> 92 messages (1 seen) for ehren at mail.powersurfr.com (258990 bytes).
> skipping message 1 not flushed
> reading message 2 of 92 (2859 bytes) .fetchmail: SMTP listener doesn't
> like recipient address `ewilson@localhost'
> fetchmail: can't even send to calling user!
> fetchmail: SMTP transaction error while fetching from mail.powersurfr.com
> fetchmail: Query status=10
> --- End --- 

try adding -v to the fetchmail line and send the result.  I'd bet the
problem is with sendmail not fetchmail.


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