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two button mouse makes clipboard copy from rxvt to nedit impossible

I run X with a two button mouse, and I am forced to have Emulate3Button

This makes it impossible to copy data from terminal emulators such as rxvt,
xterm, gemvt and eterm, to standard X applications such as Nedit, Netscape
Navigator, GTK text/entry widgets and so on.

This is because you can only insert text copied from the terminal emulator
to the destination non-terminal emulator application with a middle mouse

I find this behaviour rather irrational. Even if you only can select and
copy text from a terminal emulator with the mouse, pasting in other
applications is usually done with the keyboard (through Ctrl+V or
Shift+Ins). When you're in the middle of editing a document in an X-based
editor, you don't want to reach for the mouse just to insert text, even if
it came from a shell session.

Also, it seems illogical to me that Shift+Ins in an terminal emulator may
insert a piece of text, while at the same time Shift+Ins in an editor in X
will insert something completely different.

My question is now, is there a way, with the keyboard, to explicitly copy
data from this "buffer" shared by terminal emulators into the "real"
clipboard buffer used to other applications? Or do I have to make a custom
terminal emulator? (And probably rewrite a bunch of other applications with
this behavior.)

Oskar Liljeblad (osk@hem.passagen.se)

1. X and X applications should be designed to work even with one-button
2. Emulate3Button makes response slow or makes some button combinations
3. It should be possible to control every X application entirely with the

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