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Re: Package maintainer script policy.


	This just goes to prove even Debian developers may not be up
 to the task of passing all commandline arguments to a binary in a
 shell script. So, if one can write a C program that handles the task,
 it should be valid to have that called directly in a postinst, rather
 than mess up writing a shell script to call it indirectly (and not
 pass the arguments correctly).

>>"Raul" == Raul Miller <rdm@test.legislate.com> writes:

 Raul> Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@datasync.com> wrote:
 >> Well, if $@ is empty, "$@" expands to ""; 

 Raul> Is this mandated by the posix standard?  If so, this is an example of
 Raul> how debian's current /bin/sh is not posix.  If not, then this is
 Raul> just plain bogus.

	Oh, bosh. Pardon me, but in this case you do not know what you
 are talking about. *Of Course* it is mandated by POSIX, and has been
 implemented by ever darned ash/ksh/zsh/bash since the dawn of the
 epoch. I fail to see how you could have come across different
 behaviour, but then, there may be shells badly broken out
 there. Thank the lord for Bash.

	I shall not bandy words with you. Here are scripts. Run them
 on your shell, if the behaviour is different, file a bug for your
 shell. Bash passes with flying colors.

	Note: Basic shell expansion
__> unset nosuch
__> if [ "X$nosuch" = "X" ]; then echo "Same" ; fi
__> if [ "$nosuch" = "" ]; then echo "Same" ; fi
__> if [ $nosuch = "" ]; then echo "Same" ; fi
[: =: unary operator expected

	See? $nosuch and "$nosuch" are not the same thing. Never have
 been. To drive the point home, try this little shell function that
 reports the number of positional arguments and the values.

__> tfunc () { echo "$# -- $@" ; }
__> tfunc a
1 -- a
__> tfunc ""
1 -- 
__> tfunc a b c d 
4 -- a b c d
__> tfunc $a      
0 -- 
__> tfunc "$a"
1 -- 

 amazed Raul, of all people, had to have this pointed out to him.

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