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Re[2]: Nedit, Revisited...

Oh dear. I see I replied to Ed only, and missed sending a copy to the list. 

>>>>> Forwarded message from Bob Bernstein <bernie@brainiac.com>

Hi Ed!

<ecogburn@greene.xtn.net> wrote:
> 	There's a warning in the message box under dselect for Nedit that
> points out that the debian version is linked against lesstiff, which is
> not completely stable.  This may be causing some of the problems.

Exactly right, and I've been remiss in not posting the solution to all these
problems, provided to me by NEdit's maintainer Erik Anderson: simply upgrade
to lesstifg 0.85.3-1. Worked like a charm.

> This probably isn't the suggestion you want to hear, but I'd look for
> another editor.  Nedit is non-free (source not available) so you are at
> the mercy of the original authors as to whether it will be upgraded.

The source is available.  However, the license isn't GPL afaik, but one from
the Fermi Labs, and I must confess I haven't read the fine print. But I've
become attached to using it, and did my first semester's worth of c++ homework
with it, so I'll stick with it for now. 


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