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Re: School Proof-of-concept network

On 4 Aug 1998, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> 	As you have surmised, this is entirely a doable task. I have,
>  (and I suspect any number of people on this list do too) a setup
>  similar to what you envisage; however, I am not sure of the cost of
>  the required hardware.

I did the same here too, about 15 pcee's hooked up to a linux box hooked
up to a cable modem.
> 	On the hardware side, you shall need
>  a) a Linux box, with a custom kernel which includes firewall and
>     ipmasq capabilities (I can send you the .config file that I use to
>     build kernels for my machine that you can use to help getting
>     started). I think one can get old 486's for around $500, all
>     included, but I may well be out of date.

One of the second hand computer stores here is selling machines for 1$/MHz
(cdn too!)

I used a P90 with 64M of ram, 3G IDE disk and 2 Dlink Tulip cards
(DE-530Ct) Total cost was approximately 600-700$cdn. 

>  b) An ethernet hub, 8 ports (I think 10Mbs is quite good
>     enough). Cost? I think around $300-400, tops

178$cdn for a 3com Workgroup hub

>  c) a network card for all the machines you need to connect. You ccan
>     get ethernet cards startin at $20; I looked at the hradware
>     compatibility howto and settled for a dec tulip card (I needed
>     10/100 cards).

If your machines are slow and ISA go find a local used parts store and
pick up some used ISA ne-2k's for a few bucks each.

>  d) Some cable (I went category 5 cable, since it did not seem worth
>     it to skimp on cabling).

Definately! Depending on your building you might have to have it
professionally wired to clear any local firecodes...
> 	On the software side, I just got the ipmasq package, and
>  created a ipmasq file (which I can also send over as a reference). I
>  run a caching bind server, which helps a lot, and I have created an
>  internal network. Add diald/ppp to the gateway, and you are
>  all set. 

I like to run squid for web proxying and use DHCP to configure the windows
machines. Squid saves bandwidth (we get a 49% by byte hitrate here) and

DHCP makes windows work quite nicely. (I have a setup for this too if
you are interested)


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