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Re: Question of /etc/fstab

Alex Kwan <kwanalex@hkstar.com> writes:
AK> would someone told me what is the meaning of:
AK> 1)    defaults    0    0
AK> 2)    defaults    1    1
AK> 3)    defaults    1    0
AK> 4)    ro              0    0
        mount options/dump/fsck

See mount(8) for information on what can go in the "mount options"
field.  If a non-zero value is in the "dump" field, dump(8) will back
up that filesystem.  fsck(8) will check file systems in the order
specified by the "fsck" field, doing devices with the same number
simultaneously, if possible, and skipping devices with 0 in that

See also fstab(5).

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