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Re: Was the release of Debian 2.0 put on Linux Announce?

On Mon, Aug 03, 1998 at 10:27:47AM -0700, George Bonser wrote:
> Brian, these people do not use Windows, they want to use Unix because that
> is what they know. They are just not familliar with Linux in general. They
> never touch the internet after work and in general, have lives. They are
> not Unix illiterate, they are Linux illiterate. 
> You guys need to get out of your little world and step back and look and
> the big picture. Yes, there are a lot of people using Linux and just about
> everyone has heard the word before. Most in the commercial Unix world have
> never seen a Linux machine running, have never considered installing one
> until very recently or have just run into it.  In our case, the old-timers
> were laughing Linux off as another toy OS (and in some ways  the 2.0
> kernels are) and it has not been until they started getting questions from
> customers that they start coming to me and asking because I am the company
> Linux advocate.
> These are people that work all day on computers and do not want to look at
> one when they get home.  They are not computer hobbyists.


please try to make a step back and calm down.

Version numbering schemes are in no way linux specific, so even a linux
ignorant person can get the idea. It should be sufficient to explain them
that Debian Linux and RedHat Linux are two different products, as well as
Windows Nt and Windows 95 are. This should be enough to understand.

Try to keep them informed. Debians version numbering scheme is as good as
any other scheme. We don't do this for marketing reasons, though.


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