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Re: help rescuing a crashed hard drive

On Mon, 3 Aug 1998, JonesMB wrote:

> Are there any utilities that I can use to salvage data from a drive that the 
> BIOS reports as dead?
> This morning I woke up to a ticking sound from my hard drive.  It is a 5.7GB 
> Seagate drive I upgraded to about 6 weeks ago.

When you hear strange sounds from it, give up.  You may be able to send
the drive off to someone who will open it up and try to read from the
platters themself.  But I think that's big money, and you have to have
some pretty important non-recoverable info for that.  My vote is for a
reinstall and a tape drive.


P.S. I've been through bad sounding harddrives before on a western digital
replacement harddrive less than a week after I had the previous one
replaced for bad blocks.

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