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Re: dists/sid subdirectory?

On Mon, Aug 03, 1998 at 09:14:12AM -0400, Randy Edwards wrote:
> Does anyone know what the sid subdirectory in dists is?
> I'm guessing that this is the follow-on version after slink, but that
> idea seemed a bit strange as slink is unstable.  Anyone know for sure?

sid is for "non-mature" dists.
The idea is that ports like "debina-sparc" (which I run on my
IPC at home ;)) were NOT releaced with hamm and are not planned
on being ready for releace with slink.
Thus sid is their "holding dist" until they are ready...then they
will be moved into a releace dist when the time comes.
Thus "sid" will be around forever and never itself
be releaced. That way (I guess) there will be no confusion near rleace time of
what is getting frozen and what isn't...

you only need to worry about sid if you have a system that is NOT
an Alpha, i386, or a PPC (I think) and that pretty much rules out
most people.

I hope that we can soon add Sparc (SUN systems) architechture to that
list ;)
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