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New Debian user's reaction to X

I just installed Debian on a friend's machine, a computer junkie but
full-blown Linux newbie.  For the sake of his reactions, I thought I'd
give y'all his impressions of Debian.

This guy previously had RedHat installed on his machine.  He loved
RedHat's installation and GUI nature but couldn't get anything to
work.  I explained to him that in the way that Win95 hides users from
the "real" workings of the OS (i.e. DOS) RedHat sort of hides users
from "real" Unix and the text config files that run the OS.

While the idea of editing text config files isn't new for him, what
did surprise him was Debian's X installation.  He was mildly appalled
at Debian's X installation.  My priority was to get his IP
masquerading and basic networking functions working and I wanted to
leave configuring X to him (after all, you've got to jump in

Still, the mysteries of X are somewhat overwhelming (e.g. what's a
RAMDAC and which one do I have?).  I'd rather leave someone to figure
out Samba or colorizing your prompt than to leave them without a
slick, working X configuration.  I don't mean this as a knock or
anything, but this one guy was pleased with Debian (and will continue
to run it, he said) but felt that Debian's X installation needed a
*lot* of work.

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