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Re: Linus Torvalds interview

Steve Lamb writes:
> On Fri, Jul 31, 1998 at 12:03:58PM -0400, tko@westgac3.dragon.com wrote:
> > Ever try replacing a Motherboard on a "win95" system?
>     Yes.  In fact, I swapped machines around the HDs to test a theory of
> mine.
> > That "fabulous, great, decent OS" loses it's mind! You see, all
> > information about the hardware is kept in the registry files. When the
> > Id's of the old MB (in the registry) don't match the new Id's of the new
> > MB, all H-LL breaks loose. 
>     That hell, of course, is that Windows is updating the drivers supplied
> by the manufacturer(s) for their motherboard.  One reboot is all that is

Why? I didn't have to update the drivers of Linux. It came up and running.
Win95 on the other hand kept on insisting on rebooting the system for each
"updated driver".

> needed.  I know, like I said, I did it.  Swapped a whole machine around the
> HDs.  One machine had Win95 on it, another had Win95 and WinNT.
>     Am I advocating Windows?  No.  What I am doing is quelling some serious
> BULLSHIT here.

Not serious BS, just personal experiences. IMHO, if your WinXX machines work
ok for you, you probably (I'm guessing here) have the latest patches applied
to fix the bad bugs (with or without your knowledge). Everytime you load the
latest "MS" product, patches are applied. (Again, my opinion based on

Ok, let's talk a concrete example: I loaded "Barney on the farm" for my
daughter (Official MS Win95 game for children). The setup routine got to the
"Parent's Room" segment of the installation. I was not given a choice as to
whether or not I wanted IE installed. The setup routine announced that it was
installing IE (and all necessary support) PERIOD. No 'cancel' buttons
available! I prefer Netscape over IE but here goes this official setup program
installing unwanted software and 'lord knows' whatever other patches. The
unwanted software had nothing to do with the game program and does not have to
be present for the game to run. 

Like you, I did some testing as well 8-)

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