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Re: Which printer do you recommend?

> Hi all,
> I have one Linux machine and five Win95 machines 
> networked.  I want to attach a printer to my
> Linux machine and shared among them.  Can someone
> recommend a printer for this configuration?

Depends on how much you want to spend, what performance you need and if you 
need color. If you have modest performance needs and no need for color, I can 
recommend HP Laserjet 6L or something such. I have on of those and it works 
really great in Linux (magicfilter with the ljet4-filter). It prints about 6 
pages/minute. It's maintenance need are virtually zero (wipe the dust off from 
time to time), no powerswith (goes to power save mode after >10min of idle 
time), No problems with paperjam or such (I've had mine for a year soon and 
have printed 2000+ pages (It's great to have those HOWTOS on paper :) ) with 
no problems whatsoever). It comes with 1MB memory, upgradable to 9M. 
Resolution: 600dpi. According to the docs, the average lifetime of the toner 
casette is around 2500 pages.
(And by the way, it works with WinXX too...)

I'm sure other will come with good suggestions too, and I hope you will find a 
printer that suits you needs.


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