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Debian install problem

I've downloaded the latest Debian release via ftp. I used my
RedHat 5.1
machine and ncftp to download it onto my Win95 machine mounted via
Samba. All went fantastic. I created the boot disks
(rescue,drivers,root) and booted the machine. Blew away RedHat
learning so I keep installing and blowing them away. Good practice
think), partitioned the drive and swap space. Now what do I do. I
installed RedHat via ftp and that was kool. I only have a 500 mg
drive so I can't copy it all to there. I have a Sony CDU31a cdrom
which I have touble getting any flavor to recognize. (I was
successfull with RH5.1 tho.)

Is there any way I can either install via ftp or from my Win95

If not, how do I burn this image onto a cd that Debian will read.
tried burning a cd for RedHat but the EZ software burnt it with
format and not the RockRidge or whatever it is that Linux likes.
All of
the files were there, but in 8.3 name format, no long filenames.

Come to think of it, even if I get a cd burned, will Debian talk
to a
Sony cdu31a drive?

- Gary

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