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Re: HP DeskJet 890C: poor performance on Linux vs. Windows


I used GIMP to view the original images and convert to postscript.
They were both jpeg and gif originally.  Similar results were 
obtained by converting with XV.

Hm.  Is there a better way to do the conversion?


Regarding your message dated: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 23:00:51 BST
>On 30-Jul-98 Martin Weinberg wrote:
>> I have benchmarked the performance of both the cdj550, hp850, and
>> hpdj drivers in gs on my Debian box and the HP provided Windows
>> driver.  I used both photographs and scientific "visualized" data.
>> I'm using magicfilter and the parameters to gs were set as
>> recommended in the various gs readmes.
>What format were the original image files in? If not in PS, how did you get
>them into PS for gs to work on?
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>Date: 30-Jul-98                                       Time: 23:00:51
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