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Re: Which debian?

Stephen E. Collins wrote:
> I have given up trying to get PHP3 running as a module in Apache 1.3.1
> with sybase-ct support on my RedHat 5.1 machine.  Apache gives me a
> segmentation fault upon startup.  I believe that glibc is at fault.  I'd
> like to try another distribution instead of going back to RH4.2, which
> uses libc5.
> I know very little about the Debian distribution in general.  My
> question: does hamm use glibc or libc5?  If it is glibc, is there a way
> to compile PHP and Apache using libc5?
Go with Debian 2.0, it's thoroughly mostly bug free and is libc6/glibc
based.  Apache and PHP packages are available and are a snap to get

Adam Keys
aka uberfunk

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