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Re: Using two mice under X at once.

*- Christopher Barry wrote about "Using two mice under X at once."
| Hi all,
| I just today bought a really nifty keyboard with a built-in touchpad and
| the touchpad part of it uses a serial interface, while my existing mouse
| is PS/2. I can switch between them by killing X and quickly editing
| XF86Config and then restarting X, but I'm wondering if there is way to
| get X to support 2 pointing devices at once. The keyboard comes with a
| serial pass-through mouse connector so if you already have a serial
| mouse you can plug it into the keyboard instead of your motherboard so
| you can at least flip a switch on the keyboard to switch between
| touchpad and regular mouse modes. But this doesn't work for me because
| my mouse is PS/2. So is there a way to run two pointing devices
| simultaneously under X?

I have the same situation.  You need to use the XInput section of
XF86Config.  Read the XF86Config man page.

These are snippets from my XF86Config file.

# Logitech Mouseman+ with 4 buttons and a wheel
Section "Pointer"
   Protocol        "MouseManPlusPS/2"
   Device          "/dev/psaux"
   SampleRate      133
   Resolution      200
   Buttons         6
   ZAxisMapping    5 6

# keyboard with eraser pointer and two buttons(1,3)
Section "XInput" 
    SubSection "Mouse" 
        Port "/dev/ttyS0"
        DeviceName "Pointer"
        Protocol "Microsoft"

| Also, one other question. How would you add 'xset m 5 0' to your
| XF86Config file? Is there a general list or howto of how to figure out
| which xset statements correspond with which XF86Config statements? For
| example, 'xset fp+ ...' is like a 'FontPath' statement but I don't know
| where to look to find these relationships. As usual, the man page and
| /usr/doc isn't too helpful.

Just put the xset command in your .xinitrc, .xsession, or whatever file
you use to start all your X apps.  I don't think there is a direct
mapping between all the options of xset and things in XF86Config.

Have fun.


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