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Re: Debian, SunSoft, and dselect

On Thu, 30 Jul 1998, Will Lowe wrote:

> > Here's the trouble.  I start dselect, and tell it to use an already
> > mounted NFS partition for Access.  I then begin to give it the specifics
> > it needs regarding file locations.  During this time, it will read the CD.
> > After a few moments however, it will return and say that there were no
> > *.deb files found.  I can give it a directory path directly to deb files,
> This may sound dumb,  but are you nfs-mounting the disk as a filesystem
> type that can use long filenames,  etc.?
I have tried mounting the NFS partition from the command line (ie.  mount
-v -t nfs ...) and within fstab.  Both times I got the same problems.

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