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Re: Questions


The easiest by far is to get the CD as already mentioned. However if
you're anxious to get going, here's a quick summary of how to get
started by downloading a few files from the FTP site (I'm assuming you
have a machine already running DOS/Windows):

1) On ftp.debian.org go to this directory:


2) These are the install related files for the the Hamm (stable)
distribution - just released. From that directory, download these files
to your hard drive - save them to a separate directory on any
DOS/Windows partition:

base2_0.tgz             ==>> the base operating system
drv1440.bin             ==>> drivers floppy image file
dselect.beginner.txt    ==>> dselect instructions
install.bat             ==>> batch file to start installation
cfdisk.txt              ==>> instructions for cfdisk (partitioning)
install.txt             ==>> installation instructions
linux                   ==>> the Linux kernel 
loadlin.exe             ==>> Linux boot loader to start install
rawrite2.exe            ==>> program to write image files to floppy
rawrite2.txt            ==>> instructions for rawrite2.exe
resc1400.bin            ==>> boot floppy image file (rescue disk)
root.bin                ==>> root file system image file

3) You may not even need some of these files depending on how you
install. There's couple of ways to do it as you'll see when you read
install.txt. But this is all you need to get the base system installed. 

4) Read over install.txt and some of the other text files.

5) The simplest way to start the install is from DOS mode (not a DOS box
in Windows), run install.bat. That will boot the Linux kernel and start
the install program. 

6) From there, follow the directions on screen. 

Good luck,
Chris Nelson wrote:
> Hello, Im trying to learn Linux and I have no clue where to start.  My
> first problem is what file do I need for the Linux operating system?
> The file I thought was it was had a suffix of gz and if i was correct
> with that being the file, then how do you install it?  Is it a
> compressed file? What is used to decompress it.  I hope this doesnt
> sound too stupid but I have never worked with Linux and I feel lost.  I
> hope you can help and hope to hear from you soon.  Thanx for your time
> and effort.
> Shinda
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