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Re: Help required SB16 PnP

On Tue, 28 Jul 1998, Ivan wrote:

> Hi EveryOne !
> I'm trying to enable sound support on my Debian system which, according to
> the reading I've done, requires recompilation of the kernel.
> Using config (the how-to or readme suggested that xconfig is not the best
> to use ?) I have configured everything that I want except SOUND!!!
> The readme file says that PnP is not supported - is this still the case ?
> If PnP is not directly supported can anyone advise how to work around to
> enable this card to work ? ( I'm sure I'm not the only Debian user with a
> PnP sound card !!! )

Umm Actually I believe it works fine if you have a PnP bios that assigns
the hardware at that level.

> I can't remember exactly the boot remarks but is similar to
> 	sound configuration started
> 	sound configuration stopped
> The readme or how-to indicates that I should expect information regarding
> the type of support being initiated between the starting and the stopping.
> The lack of information apparently indicates that the support has been
> compiled but that the card is not detected.
> I therefore assume that the device settings that I am using are wrong.
> FYI, the Win95 settings are :
> IRQ	05
> DMA	01
> DMA	03
> I/O RANGE	0220 - 022F
> I/O RANGE	0330 - 0331
> I/I RANGE	0388 - 038B
> I used :
> IRQ	05
> DMA	01
> DMA	03
> I/O BASE	220 (first time)
> I/O BASE	330 (second time)

The I/O base that you probably should be using is 0x220 as this is the
default for the SB, I believe that 388 is the midi, and I am not sure
about the 330 right now. Linux should read these as hex I believe.
I don't know if I can solve your problem, but hopefully this limits its
scope for quicker troubleshooting.

> <<<< is Linux reading these numbers as decmial or hex ? >>>>
> The next time I recompiled I used 
> IRQ	05
> DMA	01
> DMA	05 (after noting that 3 is not on the "allowed" list !)
> I/O BASE	330
> I/O BASE	388
> Still no sound !
> Any help very much appreciated.
> Ivan.

I have been working with an SB16 PnP for a while now, and now an SB Awe64.
So I can say that it works as long as you have a PnP bios.  Hope this at
least can clarify some things.

Ehren Wilson

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