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Re: qpoper?

In article <19980728081026.12163.rocketmail@send101.yahoomail.com>,
Mikhali Mifsud <solomani@yahoo.com> wrote:
>If I want pop access I (think) I have to install qpoper.  When I try
>and install it it complains libc6 and libgdbmg1 is not installed.  I
>checked stable/binary but couldnt find them.  Any ideas? Thanks.

Yep. Stable points to hamm [Debian 2.0, libc6], but only since a few
days. Your mirror might not be up-to-date yet.

Besides, if you really want to install the qpopper from the new "stable",
you have to upgrade your whole system to stable Debian-2.0. If you
don't want to do that install the qpopper from the previous Debian
version, 1.3, nicknamed "bo".

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