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CLUE: July 24, 1998 Talk of the Nation]

     This, from one of my Colorado Linux User Group
leaders.  ...a bit of motivation for us.  Note the D.C.
office POC.


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This may be of interest.  (Requires RealAudio.)


NPR's Talk of the Nation, July 24, 1998



Larry Augustin 
Co-Founder and President VA Research 
Mountain View, California 

Nicholas Petreley 
Columnist NTWorld Japan 
Contributing Editor InfoWorld 
Hayward, California 

Bill Joy 
Co-Founder and Vice President for Research Sun Microsystems, Inc. 
Aspen, Colorado 

Jamie Love 
Director Consumer Project on Technology 
Washington, D.C. 

Have you shopped for a PC lately? One without Windows? Not an easy
task. But there are alternatives to Microsoft's nearly ubiquitous
system. In this hour, we'll talk about some of the options, and take a
look at
an entirely new kind of system.>.

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