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Re: Questions

*-Chris Nelson (27 Jul)
| Hello, Im trying to learn Linux and I have no clue where to start.  My 
| first problem is what file do I need for the Linux operating system?  
| The file I thought was it was had a suffix of gz and if i was correct 
| with that being the file, then how do you install it?  Is it a 
| compressed file? What is used to decompress it.  I hope this doesnt 
| sound too stupid but I have never worked with Linux and I feel lost.  I 
| hope you can help and hope to hear from you soon.  Thanx for your time 
| and effort.

Since you are new to linux I suggest ordering a CD from one of the
vendors listed on www.debian.org.  They are very cheap and will save
you lots of hassles trying to download all the necessary files.  Debian
just released a new version so the vendors are just getting the CD's in
and ready to ship.  While you wait for the CD to arrive read the
'Installation Instructions' that are linked off of the web site.  It
will get you prepared for the installation and all the necessary steps.

You will need some spare space on your hard disk or a seperate disk to
install on.

Have fun,


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