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Re: Ordering Debian 2.0 is confusing!

I wrote about the confusing state of the www.lsls.com web site concerning
the Debian CDs...  I got a reply from LSL so here it is (Since they appear
to be shipping two weeks before cheapbytes, I'll be ordering from them).


From: LSL Information <info@lsl.com>
Subject: Re: Ordering Debian 2.0 is confusing!

Sorry for the confusion. We are trying to cater for two groups of people
(and it is a challenge ;+)

Group A
- -------
Want Debian 2.0 *NOW* and dont care (within reason) about the price, want
to select their own combination, dont care if it is on CDR and are actively
contributing to "My Debian!"

Group B
- -------
Are price sensitive, *dont* want the CDR and are prepared to wait till 30th
July for the manufactured CD's to be shipping (Group A are in a *real*
hurry to get the CD's).

We will try to make things more obvious, but, if you can wait till Thursday
when the CD's arrive from the Plant, the $1.95 is a bargain for TWO CD's;
the Binary and the Source. We will change the Web site to reflect this.

Thank you for choosing LSL, and apologies for the confusion we may have
caused you,

Warm regards

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