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Re: looking for customized system

Sure, there's a number of "configure and ship" places on the net. The
one I recently used for most of my new system can be found here:


They were very good when I dealt with them, although their selection of
components is a bit limited. Another one that also does this, which I
have bought individual components, from can be found here:



Aria Prima Novianto wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to buy a system to run debian on. I don't want to buy the parts
> separately, yet I want to be able to choose which parts I want, and let
> them install them for me. For example I want my SCSI card to be buslogic,
> but since the system will be used mostly as a server, I don't want any
> fancy video card, any 2 mb video card that can run X will do.
> I'm looking to spend about $5000.
> Sadly I have to use Intel, no alphas :(
> So anyone knows any reseller that will let me do that?
> Thanks a lot
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> *) Aria
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