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Re: Valid Baud Rate Values


For a typical serial port or internal modem, 115200 is the fastest you can
go. However, if your serial port supports it, you should be able to go

The value signifies how fast your computer is connected to your modem.
(it's a stupid modem limitation based on the fact that modems run on
serial ports, and internal modems just emulate external modems and add an
extra serial port, creating a bottleneck but that's really nothing
compared to the modem itself) I guess connecting at 33600 to a 28.8 modem
would do you no more good than 115200, but you never know, and if your
serial port and modem support it, 115200 can't hurt. As long as it'll
connect, you might as well leave it at that.


On Tue, 21 Jul 1998, PATRICK DAHIROC wrote:

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> Subject: Valid Baud Rate Values
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> hi
> i tried downloading hamm files to upgrade from bo.  i noticed that the ftp
> connection was very slow and found out that i was connected at 9600.  i
> changed the speed to 115200 in the ppp.options file.  is 11520 the fastest
> transfer rate that ppp can support or are there greater values?  i have a
> 28.8 modem, what would be the optimal value it?  exactly what does this
> values signify?
> thanks a lot
> patrick
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