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Update on X & NeoMagic (was Re: X with a NeoMagic card)

	So I just got my laptop (a Gateway Solo 2300SE) yesterday.  This
machine has a NeoMagic video card (128XD card, I believe. NM2160 chipset).
So far Linux has gone fairly painlessly.  PCMCIA was a pain, as the
modules installed by the Debian 1.3.1 CD were different than the ones the
kernel wanted to use, but it works once I recompiled.  

	X installed completely without a hitch, I'm very happy to say.  I
installed the basic X stuff and the VGA16 Xserver.  I then unpacked the
redhat glibc XBF_NeoMagic server in the root directory, tweaked the
XF86Config to remove modes my machine couldn't handle and startx was very,
very happy.  (my trackpad even worked on the first try).

	I'm impressed.

	Hmm, one last hitch which, perhaps, someone can help me with.  I'm
running the pcmcia-cs and modules that were most recent via dselect.  The
original modules I installed, the ones from 1.3.1 worked fine.  This new
version will not autodetect insertion or ejection of a pcmcia card.  I
have to manually run cardctl insert and cardctl eject.  I have verified
that cardmgr is running and there is nothing in the /var/log/syslog to
show it complaining.

	Anyone have a clue to lend?


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