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Fvwm2 and Debian menu

I like the design of the Debian menu package, and I'm trying to
follow the docs to get auto-updating of menus under X, but I seem
to have hit a roadblock.

I use Fvwm2, and according to the comments in system.fvwm2rc
and the Fvwm2 docs--in the Debian package, compliant with the
menu package--FvwmButtons (formerly "Good Stuff") is set
up so that the user can easily override the defaults.  But it
looks like the menudefs.hook, autogenerated by the menu-package,
is determined to invoke "DebianFvwmButtons," which stubbornly
overrides any configuration the user attempts.

I've tried specifiying my own FvwmButtons set up, specially named
and called, but the menudefs.hook always gets its way.  Is there
some way to override it that won't screw up future updates?


Curt Daugaard

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