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Re: Graphical Linux Logo on boot

From: Curt E. Spann <curt@luddite.net>

> I am wondering if there is any Linux version of the boot screen like in Win95.
> So as linux is booting instead of seeing all that informtion it will be
> a graphical image of Linux or something. If there isn't one I would like
> to make one.  Is it even possibly to make it?  Will I have to modify the
> kernel or what?

There has been plenty of discussion about this over on the linux kernel
development lists.  In general, it's easy to do for any specific
hardware configuration, (Intel with VGA is all Win95 supports) but
no way to do it across platforms. Maybe if/when the KGI/GGI stuff makes
it into the kernel, this capability will be added.

If this is important for your application, someone has probably written
a kernel patch.

- Marsh

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