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Re: netscape and sh/bash

On Tue, 21 Jul 1998, JonesMB wrote:

> This has probabyly been discused here before but a search in the archives 
> produced no results.
> I am running a Debian 1.3.1 system with a 2.0.33 kernel and v4.05 of Netscape. 
>  I have my helper apps setup in Netscape but when I click on a link that is 
> supposed to launch an application, I always get a dialog box with errors like 
> this
> "sh -c:line 1:missing closing ")" for arithmetic expression" 
> there are always 3 of these.  I did a find for sh, I noticed that /bin/sh is 
> linked to /bin/bash.
> How do I fix this so that applications will be launched properly.

You will need to upgrade to a later version of bash.  If you are not ready
to upgrade to hamm, there is a bash-2.01 package in bo-unstable which will
fix this. 


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