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Re: Gnome gmc where?

kevina@clark.net (Kevin Atkinson) writes:

> Hi there.  After a wonderful discussion in debian-devel :) I decided to
> try out gnome.  However I can't seam to find the gmc package in the
> incoming or slink directory?
> Does the package exist get?  And if so where....
Hi, this is your friendly MC maintainer speaking! ;-) I usually don't
read debian-user out of time constraints. So if anybody wants to know
something about the mc package please mail me directly or send me a CC
of your postings to the list to make me aware of any discussion.

No, there is no gmc package simply because i consider gmc to be too
much alpha to put any effort in.  People interested in gmc can simply
add "--with-gnome" to the .configure flags in debian/rules of the
normal mc package and recompile.  But don't expect something useable.

                              Cheers, P. *8^)
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