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Re: Fwd: LBA or not LBA

You wrote:

> Hi All
> What setting's have I have to choose
> (for Linux to work fine - of course!)
> in the BIOS for my harddisk?
> It ist a 2.1 GB Seagate
> a) USER 2.1 .. .. .. .. LBA
> b) USER 2.1 .. .. .. .. NORMAL
> For Dos, it is LBA - I know...

Linux will recognize the entire drive either with or without LBA.
However, if you don't use LBA, you will need to put the kernel in a
partition which is in the first 1024 cylinders.  If the drive is being
used exclusively for Linux, this is not a big deal, but if you are sharing
it with DOS you will probably want to run LBA in any case.


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