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Illegal Seek (Sendmail)


Can anyone tell me the possible reasons I'd be getting these errors in
my mailq? Machine is running Debian Linux with Sendmail 8.8.8... the
machine that these messages are trying to get to is also running
sendmail 8.8.8 (SCO UnixWare 2.1).

KAA13042     5112 Mon Jul 20 10:50 <mbialik@infinityhealthcare.com>
                 (Deferred: Illegal seek)


Mark A. Bialik                                          (414) 290-6749
Systems/Security Administrator                   www.pmihwy.com/~markb
Preferred Medical Informatics                         markb@pmihwy.com
Infinity HealthCare, Inc.               mbialik@infinityhealthcare.com
Mequon, WI USA                                           www.linux.org

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