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Re: crc error ( install )

I was curious about the problem that you people were having with crc 
errors. I recently recompiled my linux kernel on a machine that has been 
running the same kernel for about 4 months now. I have recompiled it 
several time without any trouble. But the last time I recompiled the 
kernel it gave me the same exact crc error message when it tried to 
uncompress the kernel. Before this error I was booting my machine off the 
harddrive now it only lets me boot off a floppy that I created. Do you 
think that my hard drive is going or maybe my kernel source is corrupt. I 
tried to recompile three times and everytime I would get the same 
message. I just thought you might have an answer for me, or something.


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On 17 Jul 1998, Gary L. Hennigan wrote:

> "Amanda" <avandor@intergate.bc.ca> writes:
> | I have just started to install Debian Linux.  I don't think I got past first
> | base.
> | After making my floppies I rebooted with the resc1440.bin disk firmly in the
> | drive.  On the first screen I pressed Enter heres what I got :
> | boot:
> | Loading root.bin.....................
> | Loading linux..................
> | Uncompressing Linux...........
> |     crc error
> | --System halted
> | 
> | I have read heard about problems with bad floppies.  The same happend with
> | the 3rd floppy.  I bought a brand new pack of floppies today so I would  be
> | less likely to have a problem ( they are even branded ).
> | Is this a common problem.
> | Machine is a HP Vectra.  P200 with 64MB Ram.
> | Regards
> I don't know how common it is but it happened to me. After going
> through about 3 floppies trying to fix the problem I bit the bullet
> and installed md5 on my IRIX machine, where I was building the
> floppies. After checking the floppy images with md5 I found that one
> of them had been corrupted, I guess during the ftp download. So, it
> wasn't the floppy, but the image itself that was bad. I downloaded
> that particular image again, checked it with md5, made the new floppy
> and it worked like a champ!
> Just something to check.
> Good Luck,
> Gary
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