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I've recently hit a snag with netscape:  

   I can't get it to download pop mail.  

Netscape in WIn95 works, and so does fetchmail, but
not netsape in linux.  I tried a complete reinstall, and
even erased my user-specific netscape directories.  What could be 
causing this?  User permissions for a tmp directory?  (Have erased
/tmp remade it, and set permissions on it)  Something in /var 
maybe?  I tried upgrading to the glibc2 version of 4.5 pre 1.  I'm
almost certain I'm over looking something that netscape uses: file
or resource.  I haven't tried outgoing mail since the prob.  

Oh yes, I'm not using the netscape package.  I installed it with
NS-install, and set MOZILLA_HOME in /etc/profile bu hand.

Thanks in Advance


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