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Re: Problem with modules_install

On 12 Jul 1998 06:38:33 +0200, srivasta@datasync.com (Manoj
Srivastava) wrote:

>>>"graeve" == graeve  <graeve@cistron.nl> writes:
> graeve> Even with make-kpkg the modules don't end up in the right place.
>	Could you elaborate? Where do the modules end up? Where should
> they be ending up? Would it be possible to access the .deb files
> produced? Have you filed a bug report? 
>	I would be grateful if people filed bug reports when make-kpkg
> did not work, or put the modules in the wrong place.
I don't think it's some kind of bug.
There must be something I'm doing wrong because it doesn't matter what
version of Debian I'm using, the module copying allways goes wrong.
The modules end up nowhere, they just stay where they are created and
with the make modules_install I just see cp file.o no such file or

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