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Re: Non-intuitive kernel config change

On Mon, 13 Jul 1998, Jim Nicholson wrote:

> I just upgraded to hamm, and with that I moved from a hand-patched
> 2.0.30 kernel to kernel-source-2.0.34. I made a kernel package and
> installed it, only to discover that the ISO 9660 file system was not
> built, because I didn't compile in NLS support.
> This is made particularly tricky by "make menuconfig", since the
> dialog-based menus don't even show the ISO 9660 file system as an
> option UNLESS you ask for NLS support. So it's non-intuitive, from my
> perspective.

I ran into the same thing tonight, but to me it seemed intuitive.  Since
I didn't have ISO 9660 as an option, I figured I needed to highlight
something in order to enable it.  This is consistent with the rest of the
config.  For instance, you have to highlight scsi, to get scsi options,
networking to get network card options, etc.

> - Can someone give a reason why one would want to generate a kernel
>   with CDROM support that *didn't* have ISO 9660 support? Other than
>   the fact that the fs code isn't required to play audio CDs?

If you don't plan to make or read ISO 9660 disks, you don't need the
support.  If you wanted to make CDs with a ext2 file system, that
should work.  I'll find out soon, as I am setting up a system to run
off a CD and a zip drive.  Since the computer only has 1 CD drive, it
will be used read a CD with an ext2 partition mounted as /usr.  I
would have no need for ISO 9660 in the kernel, but do need cd support.


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