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Re: recompiled kernel now I get crc error on bootup

>> I recompiled my kernel on one of my linux machines but now I get a crc 
>> error when I try to load the kernel. I tried to recompile twice and get 
>> the same thing. If I copy the kernel to a floppy it loads fine. I don't 
>> mind booting off of a floppy but I am very concerned about this error. I 
>> have never received it before and have compiled kernels many times. Am I 
>> slipping in my old age and forgot a step or is my harddrive failing me?

 You're not by any chance using 2.1 series kernel? I remember that
 there was a problem that sounded like that with one of the recent 
 developement releases (.104 or 105..).

 Other thing is that you might have a bad sector where the kernel
 is. Did you copy the kernel from where it ended up after compiling
 or from /usr/src/linux/something ??


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