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Re: More Linux in the press

Steve Lamb wrote:
>     The problem with that is two fold.  They paint a false picture of Linux
> and they also strengthen the hold of those applications have on the market by
> insisting they be everywhere.  I've been bitten by that misconception.  I've
> been asked three times now to submit my resume in Word format because the
> people on the other end couldn't figure out how to print my *ASCII* resume
> formated to 78 characters wide!  They actually chastised me for not using a
> standard format.  Please, someone tell me of a format more universal than
> plain ASCII!

You probably don't want to be working for people Word is a standard

We gave you an atomic bomb, what do you want, mermaids?
		-- I. I. Rabi to the Atomic Energy Commission

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