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Re: Using a Compex ReadyLink 100-TX/PCI while installing 2.0

On Sat, 11 Jul 1998, Daniel Baldoni wrote:

: G'day folks,
: I am trying to install hamm on a new Pentium-II/233 with a Compex NIC and am
: having no luck getting the card to work.  As mentioned in the Subject: line,
: it's a Compex card but it doesn't appear to be known by the kernel (2.0.34).
: Here's a snippet from /proc/pci:
: 	Bus  0,  device  11, function  0,
: 	  Ethernet controller. Compex Unknown device (rev 0).
: 	    Vendor id=11f6. Device id=9881.
: 	    Medium devsel. Fast back-to-back capable. IRQ=10. Master capable. Latency=80
: 	    I/O at 0x6400.
: 	    Non-prefetchable 32 bit memory at 0xe8000000
: I've tried booting using:
: 	linux ether=10,0x6400,eth0
: as I thought this might be an ne2k-pci card (wishful thinking?) but modconf
: still wasn't happy with any of the drivers I tried (and I think I've tried 
: them all).

Doing a web search, here is a hit that may interest you ...


Looks like Compex produced an HP100VG compatible card.  Yuck.  If this
isn't what you have, then it may be so new that it's unsupported.

The Ethernet HOWTO says the 2.1 kernels recognise Compex NE2000 clone
cards automagically - that might be worth a try, at least to track down
what kind of card you have.

: PS:  I hate to say this, but NT found the card first time (after loading the
:      manufacturer's driver, of course).

Well, this proves nothing :)  Linux will find the card IF it's supported
and IF the correct driver is loaded.  (Win 95 finds WinModems IF the
driver is loaded ... does NT?  Nope, didn't think so)

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