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Re: More Linux in the press

Steve Lamb wrote:
> On Fri, 10 Jul 1998 23:41:16 -0600, Rick Macdonald wrote:

>     Wow, same article that has been floating around for, what, the past year
> or so?

Oh, sure, but I figure the more places people see and hear about Linux
the more they take (serious) notice. It helps move it out of the hacker
arena into the businessplace, maybe.

I've seen this with the Y2K situation. Huge companies (like the one
where my wife works) wouldn't get interested a year ago but more
recently, as you see it _everywhere_, top management really took notice. 

Not the same situation by a long shot, I know.

Maybe a better example.

I started using Tcl/Tk in the office a couple years ago. People (my boss
and users) liked the apps that I was producing (at home on my own time).
But once they started seeing GUI interfaces in Tcl from various vendors,
Sun's involvement, etc, it became more accepted and I get to do it on
their time now and get paid for it.

I keep saying why buy Sparc 5's (or whatever) as XTerminals, use Linux!
But so far, it hasn't been seriously considered. They tried
Intel/Solaris, but not Linux.


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